Christmas Manicure 2017

Presenting this year’s manicure!

It’s China Glass Ruby Pumps and on the ring finger is China Glaze Jingle Bells topped with China Glaze Twinkle Lights.

How are you celebrating this year?

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Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner in Caviar Ink

I caved and repurchased Caviar Ink.

Years ago, I bought Caviar Ink, didn’t use it, and sold it on eBay. Recently I decided I wanted it back in my life.

So here we are.

Caviar is described as “deep black-brown”.

It applies beautifully smooth and skip free. The color is perfect: very dark brown without being too deep. It lasts all day on me until I remove it at night.

I recommend it. This costs $27. It’s expensive but it will last for a long time.

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Tarte Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint in Slay

Slay is the other Lip Paint I bought when I bought Killin’ It and Vibin’.

Slay is described as “orchid”.

It’s a soft purple that pulls a little gray on me.

It wears comfortably, feels nice on my pout, and offers a hydrating experience while worn. It doesn’t smear or feather unless disturbed.

I like the formula, but it does look kinda dark and grayish on me. I’m trying to decide if I should work with it and think of it as a chic and unique lip color or pass it to a friend.

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 48

This week was pretty decent. I went to a craft fair and sold 9 soaps! I did better than I expected.

Here’s my self care for the week:

1) After the craft fair I treated myself to fried chicken wings and French fries. I worked hard at the fair after all.

2) I gave Eileen her Christmas gift early. She loved it!

3) I went to the Cosmetics Market today and stocked up on nail polish, Estee Lauder mascara and sweets. I found Green and Black’s chocolate for just $1.69 a bar!

4) I’ve been watching The Golden Girls. It’s a classic and I love the 80s vibe.

5) I used a facial mask and moisturized my feet.


What was your self care for the week?

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China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Goin My Way

Goin My Way is a member of the Vintage Vixens collection. I sort of wanted it back then but I wasn’t sure I needed another brown nail polish, and I had other shades I was buying. I let it go then.

I finally got it when I found it for a reduced price.

Goin My Way is a rich chocolate brown shimmer with mild bronze tones.

It’s a beautiful color for fall.

It applies decently in two coats. There is a bit of brush stroke but nothing I couldn’t handle.


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Tarte Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint Killin’ It and Vibin’

During a sale, I picked up three Lip Paints in new formulas. Two of these are of a formula that purports to dry more rapidly than the original matte formula.

Vibin’ on the left, Killin’ It on the right.


Vibin’ is described as a “wine” and Killin’ It is described as a “berry”.

Top swatch is Killin’ It, bottom is Vibin’.

Killin’ It is a very deep, blackberry berry. It’s a dark raspberry, kinda like what Elvira, Mistress of the Dark would wear is she wanted a berry lip color.

Vibin’ is a brownish brick-red, a very 90s, Madchen Amick shade circa 1992. Lush and a total throwback to my favorite decade. It’s perfect for fall too.

The formula did dry fairly quickly. I waited a few seconds for it to dry and it didn’t budge.

It lasted for a few hours, fading a little in the center but not terribly so. It had to be reapplied after meals.

It’s a good product. I rate it as the same performance as the other Lip Paints.

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Clinique Quickliner for Lips Intense in Intense Cosmo and Intense Cafe

I’ve gone back to collecting lipliners.

Oh, is she obsessed with lip products? Don’t act all surprised…..

From the website: “Silky formula glides on and wears all day. Use it to define the lip line or fill in lips pre-lipstick application. Non-drying formula prevents lipstick from feathering and bleeding. No sharpening required.”

I bought two shades: Intense Cosmo and Intense Cafe.

Intense Cosmo is a soft wine. Intense Cafe is a warm light brown, almost a nude on me.

It comes in the twist up mechanical pencil packaging.

I lined my lips and blended inward for a softly colored pout. Intense Cosmo is a nice rosy wine shade on me. It lasted for a few hours and wore off a little with eating and drinking. Intense Cafe is sort of a nude on me, perhaps more neutral but definitely not like the neutrals I’m used to wearing.

The formula is not exactly silky smooth, but it works. I buffed the tip on the border of my lips and the pencil didn’t break off or skip.

I like this and I’ll be buying it in more shades.

These cost $17. 50 USD.

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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Golden-I

Did you ever see the James Bond film Goldeneye? I did. I mostly watched it because Tina Turner sang the movie’s title song. I ended up enjoying Pierce Brosnan’s and Sean Bean’s performances.

My little anecdote sprung up because the name of this polish reminded me of the movie.

Golden-I is a true yellow gold with a metallic finish. It covered my nails well in two coats. It lasts about 3 days without chipping.

I like it just fine and I’ll be keeping it.

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Use It Up: Vol. 5

The last Use It Up post was in April? Yikes!

Well, here’s a current one.

L-R: Herbivore Coco Rose body polish, Lumene  eye makeup remover, Sprinkle with Grace Strawberry body scrub, NYX eye makeup remover, NARS Fire Down Below, Ole Henriksen Nighttime Invigorating Treatment, Lancome Maquicomplet concealer in Caramel, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel, French Girl facial polish. Above all these are Stila eyeliner in Damsel and Revlon Balm Stain in Adore.

I would definitely repurchase the first five products. NARS Caramel concealer is of course my HG concealer.

I don’t think I’d repurchase the Lancome concealer and the French Girl product. The Lancome concealer didn’t blow me away, and the face polish was nice, but rather expensive and seemed to do a mediocre job on my skin. It’d be a great cleanser for someone with normal skin. I received it as a gift.

The Revlon Adore lip stain and Stila eyeliner are maybes. I like them both but there are so many balm stains and brown eyeliners in the world I don’t feel compelled to rush out to buy these again.

What did you use up recently?

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 47

How have you been, friend? I’m doing a lot better. I had a pretty mellow week.

Here’s what I did for self-care:

1) Bought snack cakes. I got crumb cakes and sweet honey cakes.

2) I made my first Game of Thrones soap! This will be called Sansa Lemon Cake.

3) I wrote a bit in my journal.

4) I’m marathon watching “Frasier”. It’s hilarious every time.

5) I did a French manicure on myself. For the first try in a very long time, it’s not that bad.

What did you do for self-care lately?

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