Kingdom Royale Hair n’ Body Oatmeal Soap

In one of my Self Care Sessions posts, I talked about hanging out at a street fair with my coworkers. After they left, I stopped at a vendor and purchased one of her soaps.

I make my own soaps, but I’m endlessly curious about other people’s soaps, so I do buy soaps from other soapmakers.

She had for sale Lemongrass, Charcoal and Oatmeal.

I chose Oatmeal.

The bar is mostly creamy white, with an exfoliating layer of oat particles on the logo side.

I really like her branding execution. She took the time to mold her soaps and make them memorable. That’s great. 🙂

I’ve been using this soap for showering. It feels great on my skin and almost feels like it’s infused with lotion. It is that creamy and softening. It lathers nicely and rinses off completely without leaving behind a filmy residue.

I wouldn’t mind buying this again. It was only $3.50 at the vendor. On her website it’s $10.89 for a 3 pack.

Check out her website:

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